It’s our 6 year Loss-iversary!!!

lossiversaryWe met when we were teens, married, had babies and then spent 30+ years enjoying each other’s company and our family but food was so often the center of everything we did and enjoy.
Sadly, our health suffered tremendously, and after years and years of yo yo dieting, we started our journey thinking it was just one more DIET! That was a short lived thought as we literally melted away 9 months later to the people who we are now. We were always in there, but never knew the secret of living healthy lives.
Our health plan is not a diet. It is a way of living and seeking out optimal health that will keep us living a better life and feel so much better while doing it. We are amazed that we have also contributed to the health and well being of over 500 people by setting an example of how to not just lose weight but but keeping it off! Thanks to all that have helped us and cheered us on our journey! Of course we are entirely happy to continue on that path, so message us with your contact info, or call us, if we can help you or anyone you know that wants to reach for a better way of living!! Health Coach opportunities are also available if you are wanting to give hope and help to those that need it!!