We were picked to be in People’s Half Their Size Issue!

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We are so excited and overwhelmed with being selected to expose our journey to healthy living and healthy habits! Over 5 years ago, we chose to change our lives and now, we have changed not just our lives but so many other lives as well! Keep watching here for lots of before and after pics of our clients, recipes, and inspirational thoughts. Need to fill your cup up right away? Hop over to our facebook page and load up on some good stuff. Message us if we can help you or someone you know on the journey to health!

Author: shrinkingpeople

For Steven, Stats are starting weight at 51 -340 lbs and on the verge of being classified as diabetic with high cholesterol and as a USPS letter carrier, delivering mail was an ongoing battle of exhaustion for him at that weight! Now at a slim 190, running up and down the stairs to deliver packages is a breeze! No meds ordered by his doctor and daily walking keeps him at his best, 6 years later! For Susan, Here ARE Stats! Then- Age 45, 283 lbs and on medication for high blood pressure, hiatal hernia, and type 2 diabetes with chronic IBS. Now Age 55 , (update June 2016) my primary doctor no longer prescribes me those medications. NO hiatal hernia, NO IBS, NO longer classified as a diabetic and 130 lbs gone! 6 years ago, I decided to try another "diet". Today, I live a healthy life and never diet anymore. I have regained my health and have gone on to help others. It truly doesn't get better then this! Gotta add this fine print, though it is no smaller-lol! Results vary. Typical weight loss is 2-5 lbs a week for the first 2 weeks and 1-2 lbs thereafter.

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