We were picked to be in People’s Half Their Size Issue!

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We are so excited and overwhelmed with being selected to expose our journey to healthy living and healthy habits! Over 5 years ago, we chose to change our lives and now, we have changed not just our lives but so many other lives as well! Keep watching here for lots of before and after pics of our clients, recipes, and inspirational thoughts. Need to fill your cup up right away? Hop over to our facebook page and load up on some good stuff. Message us if we can help you or someone you know on the journey to health!

Very Exciting News coming out tomorrow! Stay tuned!

It is nothing we haven’t heard before but the message, while simple, is so true. Steven and I talked about finding the right “diet”, the right program, the right solution for years before we finally got going and DID it! Over 5 years later, we wish we had started sooner but are grateful we finally did!! If we can help you, please get in touch with us!!

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Hi! We are glad to be back to full time coaching now and want to get you a weekly newsletter to keep you with lots of healthy thoughts for now & in the New Year! Please feel free to pass on the newsletter that will come out tomorrow and if you have ANY questions, reach out to call me. I am happy to be your “go to” health coach, that supports you and quite possibly your health coach you are familiar with, if it is not me. Tomorrow, you will be receiving our new newsletter and wanted to give you a heads up!
Steven and I have been living the healthy habits for over 5 years now and had our combined weight loss of 280 off for close to that, as well.
We welcome your calls whether you are a new client, a returning client or person who just wants to stay on the healthy track;o)
If you haven’t already found our coaching page, please go towww.facebook.com/shrinkingsmelsers and “like” us as we will be posting all week with new ideas, tips, inspirational pictures and recipes.
New things in the works for us and our coaching business so keep an ear open and an eye out, if you want to keep up with our progress or join in on our healthy lifestyle,
Susan & Steven Smelser
C.O.P.E. Certified Health Coach